Mapping allows you to see large areas in one interactive image, or Map.

Case Study - 50 acre plot in Sussex

CAA regulations (usually) restrict the maximum height that a drone can fly to 400ft, at this height the area of land that will be captured in a photograph is quite limited.

Using photogrammetry, we can stitch together hundreds of images, taken over a large area flying up to the 400ft limit.  By taking this many images, overlapping them, and using the onboard sensors, not only will you get a clear picture of a large area, you will be able to interact with the Map and take measurements, see below.

Whole site

In this example, the house and associated land is around 50 acres

Using the map, you can zoom in to look at smaller areas at a time.

House and Garden
House only

Zoom in even further and still get great detail.

Measure across the buildings to get lengths & area, including elevation profiles

Elevation profile
Fields measured

Measure the area of individual fields or the whole plot.

Use this Digital Surface Model to get an overview of the relative difference in height of land and structures.

The red showing high levels fading to green, then blue for the low ground.

Digital Surface Model
3D Model

The 3D model will give perspective to the site, and can be adjusted to different heights and angles to give an all-round view.

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