This page is really important, it gives you an overview of some CAA rules and  how we undertake our operations

  • Birdseye Aerial Views will endeavour to create a positive experience for all customers and persons, involved or uninvolved, with who we interact. 

  • Safety is our top priority, along with privacy and operational structures & procedures.

  • We will act within the regulatory framework of the CAA.

  • Beyond this, we will keep our distance whenever possible from uninvolved people, vehicles, and structures.

  • Respect is always given to the countryside, animals, and vegetation.

  • A Risk Assessment and Method Statement will be carried out before any work is undertaken (RAMS). This will consider any risk and how to mitigate against it where possible followed by a detailed analysis of how to proceed.

  • Third Party Liability insurance is held with FlyCovered, insuring up to £2,000,000.  

  • Remote Pilots will be qualified and experienced with the chief pilot (as a minimum) holding the GVC which is the Remote Pilot Certificate of Competence as required by the CAA.

Home Office, Police and CAA join together to act on drone crime

To carry out any kind of commercial work, a Drone Operator must be suitably qualified.

A new initiative between the Home Office, the Police and the CAA has been announced to crack down on drones not flying within the regulations. 22nd March 2021

Click here to view their Press Release

A special note on privacy

Quite understandably people can be concerned when they see a Drone flying near them or their property, concerned about safety but also privacy

Birdseye Aerial Views WILL NOT take intrusive images of you or your property.  

Please contact if you have any concerns about your privacy.  If you see a Drone near you or have been informed of the presence of a Drone and you think it might be from Birdseye Aerial Views, please let me know, we maintain records of our flight path and height.