Residential and Commercial roof and utility inspection

Commercial buildings or large multi occupation residential buildings

Question:  Scaffold | Cherry Picker | Drone - which is quicker, cheaper, and easier when inspecting a roof?  Especially if you have a very high roof, a drone is an excellent quick method of evaluating any issues.

A high roof or one that is just difficult to access can be better seen from a drone, not only that, you will be able to record the images and review the situation from the comfort of your office

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But I can get to my roof and have a look!!

If you have a flat or easily accessible roof, there are still advantages in photographing it from above, you will be able to maintain a record of its current condition without having to rely on memory, notes, or even a site visit.

Another advantage of using a drone is ........

2D & 3D Mapping

You can have the roof mapped allowing you to have a complete image of the roof even if it is quite large.  

Roof Mapping

2D & 3D Mapping


Mapping will also allow you to take measurements, linear, area, volume, and inclines, this is useful when preparing work and ordering materials.

3D Mapping screenshot with measurements.jpg

Inspection Video

A video will add a sense of reality, a good visual feeling of actually being there and observing the roof or infrastructure.

If you are creating this for a client, we can add a narration and/or captions to help explain.

This is a short sample, for a more involved report we can make this as long as you need. 

Residential Roof Inspections

Why would you want to have a roof inspection?

  • Do you have a leak or blockage?

  • Do you think tiles are missing?

  • Has there been a heavy storm ?

  • Is your roof old or vulnerable?

  • You cannot get on the roof but want to see for yourself?

  • Are you selling your home?

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Selling your house, add a roof inspection to your selling particulars!! 


We can take a series of photographs or videos to show off the roof and chimney.


It is not an official survey, but an inspection will give buyers confidence to take the next step.

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