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Price Guide

There are so many variables in pricing Aerial Photography and associate Drone work, which is why most companies do not put prices out there, but we believe it can put you off enquiring if there is a pricing blank wall.

So here is a guide to how much various jobs may cost you, I have added a list of DISCOUNTS & variables as well to give as much info as possible, but please do get in touch and ask for an estimate, its where it all starts!!

Special Offer on Packages - If you order a large Canvas, Foam Board, or Framed Print from Birdseye Aerial Views, you will benefit from a 20% discount if ordered within 2 weeks of receiving your downloadable photos. Click here to see Print Prices.

Packages available from Birdseye Aerial Views Ltd 
Please reach out if you need something more bespoke.
Home & Garden from £95

Up to 8 edited downloadable jpeg photographs of your home and garden, taken from various angles, usually the 4 corners give the best view, but all houses can have different favoured aspects, along with scenic views if appropriate.

Larger Properties & multiple visits from £245

Allowing for larger estates and with multiple visits during the day to capture a variety of sun positions, maybe early morning will suit some houses and gardens along with midday where others look better late afternoon or early evening.

Up to 20 edited jpeg photos will be available to download taken from a variety of aspects.

Business marketing packages from £295

This will give you up to 20 edited jpeg images and a video, maybe 30 seconds or so.  We feel that unless you have a specific reason for a longer marketing video, this length is good split into short-faded segments.

Roof Inspections from £95

Multiple images of your roof covering all aspects from various angles, we will fly close enough to show great detail and you will also be able to zoom in on your computer. Images will have a basic edit for consistency, and we will supply as many as required to cover the whole roof. If you want your roof Mapped, see below.

2D & 3D Mapping from £295

From a small roof to a multiple acre site, our Mapping Service will allow you to view the whole project on your computer screen, hundreds of photographs are stitched together to produce one interactive image. 

You can zoom in and out and move around the site, you can measure linear distance, area, volume and elevations.  An elevation heat map will show you variations across the whole site or you can pick two points and see all the height points along the line.

Landscapers service from £95

Photograph your site from a birds-eye view along with a number of angled images.  This will allow you to not only plan your work but have a record to show your client and for use in future marketing. You can follow the project through with a series of photos, from pre-start through to the finished project, we can set the photos to be taken from the same elevation and angle each time to give a thorough record.

If the job is big enough and maybe requires accurate measurements then consider Mapping the site (see above) to give you a head start, this also looks good when interacting and discussing the project with a client.

Discounts for multiple jobs and repeat visits

If you need a number of jobs done, for example an estate agent with various properties to photograph, or if you want progress report photographs over a period of weeks or months, we can offer discounts on some of these prices.

Discounts also available for multiple products ordered, e.g. Mapping plus photographs

Let’s chat and decide what would be best for you and your business.


What can affect these guide prices? 

We will try and keep consistent and to the guide where we can but sometimes things get in the way, anything from Air Traffic Control at Shoreham Airport requesting a separate Risk Analysis and a fee, to Seagulls nesting on an adjacent building and attacking the drone forcing a revisit.

Size of the project makes a difference, for example mapping a 2-acre garden can be straightforward (sometimes not) whereas a 100-acre golf course may take 2 or 3 visits. Another example would be a roof inspection on a modest countryside house compared to a large industrial unit in a busy city.

Don’t let any of this put you off asking, most jobs are possible, some require a bit more thought and planning than others.

Also remember, Birdseye Aerial Views Ltd are authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority, we have £2m public liability insurance (more available on request) and we carry out a Risk Analysis and Method Statement on all work we do.