I would like to offer Birdseye Aerial Views’ drone photography & video service to your business.

Here is an overview of what we can do for you, maybe a few ideas to inspire you.


Where do you start when you have a new project?  Why not start with an image from above to give you extra perspective, then add more images from various positions to give you a great overview of the project.

2D & 3D Mapping service is also available, click here

Business Card.jpg


We can recreate each image as the work progresses with a final set for your wall or to hand to your client.

We can arrange a program of shots through the different seasons and weather conditions (but not rain!!).


Create a video for your client and/or as part of your storey board.

This can be short or long depending on where you are going to use the clips, we can add captions, music, and maybe narration detailing the work involved.

2D & 3D Mapping

2D & 3D Mapping is a great way to differentiate your business offering from others. 


You can create a fully adjustable view of the space or project along with measurement tools for length, area, and volume.

Screenshot 3D House and Garden2.jpg.jpeg

3D Mapping - Image can be rotated on 3 axis 

screenshot 2D measurements.jpeg

2D Map can  measure Length, Area and Volume. You can also view & measure the elevation.

The flightpath is saved for future operations allowing continuity by taking the images from exactly the same points and angles.