Property marketing, scenery, and roof inspection all in one.

Add value to the service you offer your customers with aerial photographs & videos from Birdseye Aerial Views.


It might not always be possible or relevant to take an aerial photograph of the properties you have listed, but sometimes it is, and your customers will appreciate the enhanced presentation of their home. 

  • We typically take around 8 edited photographs from the sky which gives your customers the edge over properties listed elsewhere. 

  • If you have more than one property that we can take in the same day, then we can apply a discount, the more you do the better the discount.   

  • You choose who pays, you can add it as a service and pay direct, or you can offer it to customers for them to pay. 

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Create a video of your home and garden

Add a feel-good video to your listing, a large home in grounds makes for an excellent boost but a video can enhance even the more modest homes.

This can be even further enriched with ground-level video, captions, music, and maybe even narration.

Add a roof inspection!! 


If we are already on-site, for a little extra we can take a series of photographs to show off the roof and chimney.


It is not an official survey, but an inspection will give buyers confidence to take the next step.