School Photographs & Marketing

For the school and the Parents

School Marketing

Photographs & Video

Make YOUR school stand out by showing it from above, point out your best features, whether this is the countryside or community setting, architectural features, great facilities,  sporting events or ............

.....  just a really happy bunch of children and teachers waiving into the sky.

Main countryside picture-0273.jpg

Albourne CofE Primary was proud to display some large canvas prints in reception and throughout the school.

The children enjoyed the whole experience as well.


We can produce a video to promote your school, make it short or as long as you like, film from the air and the ground, add captions, soundtrack, and narration.

Show off your school in every way you can

Photographs for the parents

We spent the day at this school photographing each year group on the climbing frames.  What feature does your school have outside that would be a great setting for class photos.

The leaving present for each child in year 6 was a large print of their group, much more fun than a portrait!!