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Using drone technology - Case Study

Measurements and perspective are everyday tools you need when drawing up plans and submitting proposals to a client, or the local council for planning permission.

Photographs and Video - will certainly give you perspective when taken from above, see the site from any angle you need.

Mapping - will give additional perspective, especially in 3D but also with measurements, measure the roof, and its incline, measure the whole site, length, and area on an interactive Map.



You can build a complete portfolio of the subject at any angle, from the start of the project, through the build, and to completion.

We can fly to 400ft (more in special circumstances), which covers most scenarios, but if your site is particularly large, we can 'mesh' a number of images together using Photogrammetry. (see mapping below)


You will have a photographic record, no need to  rely on memory, notes, or repeated site visits.


Get as close as you need to see the detail.

2D & 3D Mapping

Using predetermined flight paths, we can take a large number of overlapping images that then get 'meshed' together using Photogrammetry, this will produce a large interactive photograph, or Map of the site. Mapping allows you to have a complete image of the site, however small, modest, or large.

Zoomed in photogrammetry Map

Mapping will allow you to take measurements, linear, area, volume, useful when preparing work and deciding on materials.

See accurate profiles of the existing buildings, you can do this over any image that has been captured.

Click on the images below for a closer view.

Line 3.jpg
Line 4.jpg




Mapping for architects
mapping for architects

Mapping complex roof structures

You can measure any cross section for length, area and incline, allowing you to replicate, maybe for an extention.

8 Crossways-0321.jpg