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Birdseye Aerial Views takes to the skies to give you great images and video from where the birds can see you.

Have a look at our PRICE GUIDE and then make contact if you have anything you would like to get booked in for 2021.

Maybe you are planning ahead then let's get it booked for 2022.

We take pictures from above

Birdseye Aerial Views take images and video from above giving a completely different perspective from your usual view of things.  The owners of the house in this image have lovely views every day but were amazed to see this landscape taken from high in the sky.

You can call or email to discuss want you want us to take pictures of, whether it be for you personally or for your business, selling, marketing, construction, whatever it is, photos from the sky stand out.

We will carry out a full audit of your location and assess any risks in the operation, if you are happy with the price, we can agree a date and then fingers crossed for sunshine, or at least no rain!!

Regulated with safety & privacy in mind

We are authorised and strictly regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), we uphold their principle of putting safety at the forefront of the business and respecting peoples privacy.

If you have any concerns about these issues then please contact Birdseye Aerial Views.